Get paid as you earn

Earnd has partnered with the NHS and MySBSPay to give you more control over how and when you get paid.

From rent due before payday or a forgotten MOT bill, to paying down debt earlier and saving sooner - access a percentage of your earned pay when you need it.

  • No fees or charges ever
  • No impact on your tax
  • No impact on your credit rating

Earnd is now available in the MySBSPay app - the same place you can see all your payslips as well as get help 24/7 from their user-friendly helpbot.

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“I work hard for my money. With Earnd I'm confident to take complete control over my pay and can make sure my money works just as hard for me.”

Neurology registrar, Royal Free London

How Earnd works



See how much you’ve earned as you earn it and how long to go till payday.



Withdraw a % of your earned pay when you need it. The amount is simply deducted from your final salary.


Stay in control

Set a withdrawal limit that is right for you so you can stay on budget.


"Fantastic app, basic and easy to follow steps. Free for NHS employees what not to like about it. Great way to get the money you earned quicker when you need it. Extra 'peace of mind' without extra cost."



"Excellent app. Tested in the trial period and any earned money can be instantly transferred to my personal account, at no cost to myself. Ad free easy to use app, would highly recommend."



"Great app. Easy to use and avoided me to use my savings."


Your pay. Your way.

Now available in the MySBSPay app.

Get paid as you earn in three easy steps


1. Download MySBSPay on the App Store or on Google Play


2. Click on the Earnd button and activate your account


3. See your pay go up each day and access it when you need it - for free.


Money in your bank account within minutes

Free & Secure

No charges, no hidden costs and completely secure


Selected by your employer for you - and linked with payroll

Life doesn’t wait for payday and neither should you.

Access Earnd via the MySBSPay app now.